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Quick and Quirky, Stories and Photos

Flash fiction is a type of story, 1000 words or less, that I greatly enjoy.

The Custer Conspiracy

An old diary reveals secrets about General George Armstrong Custer. This leads to a clash between a militia group that worships Custer and Native American activists.

"This historian pours a tumbler of intrigue shaken up with a page-turning pace. Custer is straight up mystery with an ironic chase." Sherry Shahan, author of Death Mountain and numerous other books.

California Dreaming

"California Dreaming is the rollicking odyssey of a newly retired couple longing for warmer weather and a carefree life. Herb and Donna set out across the country towing a homemade trailer. Mishaps and wild encounters multiply along the way, making this a wickedly funny and unforgettable road trip to the golden state." Cindy Rankin, Under the Ashes.

No Strength Without Union, Workers in Ohio, 1803-1980

The first state-level study of workers in the United States.

Slavery in North Carolina, 1748-1775

 Topics covered include religion, family, work, resistance, and punishment.